1 million Roses
for Mary

Congratulations, you’re participating in this magnificent gift!

Here’s how to proceed, concretely:

Step 1

Download the Rosario app by clicking here

Step 2

Create or join a Living Rosary of 5 people, each will be assigned one of the 5 mysteries of the rosary each day

Step 3

Pray a decade every day to offer your daily rose to Mary and to allow your group to complete their rosary.

Need an explanation on the concept of a “Living Rosary”? Click below to learn more 👇

What is a Living Rosary?
  • A Living Rosary is a group of 5 people praying

  • Each day, each receives one mystery of the rosary and takes 5 minutes to meditate on it while reciting a decade: a spiritual rose offered to Mary 🌹

  • At the end of the day, the group will have meditated on the 5 mysteries of the day, thus completing an entire rosary: this is the Living Rosary! 😇

Rosario is a 100% free app, dedicated to the rosary, which aims to become the go-to app worldwide for Rosary-related spirituality. Released in French less than 2 years ago, it is already used by more than 80,000 people! It is now available in French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

What you’ll find on Rosario:

🟠Living Rosary groups to pray the rosary in prayer communion with your loved ones. A bit like small groupchats, but centered around prayer. We’ll tell you more about this flagship feature of the app in a future email 😉

🟠 Audio rosaries: to be guided in your prayer by audio. To vary the pace, intonation, dynamics, you can choose different voices that recite the rosary.

🟠 Lots of meditations: No need to search for new online content: Rosario gives you access to varied content to nourish your meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary.

In short: Rosario is the ideal app to offer the MOST decades possible to Mary, like spiritual roses, during the month of May!


"Praying a decade of the rosary together with my husband every day is changing our lives."


“With Rosario, we have the grace to pray the rosary with some members of my family, despite being geographically distant, and this strengthens and blesses us to be able to pray together with the application.”


“Thanks to Rosario, I have a very simple way to help a cousin who converted late to pray the rosary.”